About us

The new technological trends such as the IoT, cloud computing, virtual reality or Big Data, have caused a paradigm shift in the organization of Spanish and international companies. In this way, there has been a complete transformation of the work environment. And this is where we come in …

Zalcu Servicios Digitales is formed by a team of young entrepreneurs who work daily with the objective of helping Spanish companies on their way to digitalization and computerization, both in their internal and external processes. Zalcu develops its professional work in all types of companies, regardless of their size and level of billing.

In this sense, we make available to our clients tools and applications adapted to the needs of their ‘core businness’. And is that all companies require digital services, but each in its proper measure. Thus, we develop internal, external, mobile, web apps, connect our clients with external databases, guarantee their security … In short, we help companies in their technological development.

Zalcu Servicios Digitales offers all the knowledge and experience of contrasted professionals in the field of ICT, such as CTO, Alejandro Bazal Castells. Thus, Zalcu unites teamwork, creativity and responsibility by offering a different service, aimed at solving all the digital needs that companies may require.

Because we always work under a rule, a premise, a maxim that explains and defines us: “Everything is possible”.