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We join Telefónica's Startups Accelerator program

We are pleased to be one of the participants in the acceleration program with all the experience of Telefónica and its mentors. We are excited to be part of this innovative initiative.

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Digital billing service.


Nvoiz is a project born to solve the problem that more than 85% of SMEs in Spain face, which is low digitization in most areas of their business. We want to address this specifically in the context of billing

Streaming service for businesses.


We have developed an application that allows users to stream multimedia content, such as movies, TV series, music, and videos, over the internet in real-time, without the need to download the content beforehand.

Chat Bot

Zalcu Assistant

We offer an artificial intelligence program designed to interact with users in a conversational manner, providing automated responses and assistance to frequently asked questions and common inquiries.